A self-contained event which provides an interview for each young person so that they can learn what good interview technique is, and then put it into practice.  Free, optional assemblies are available to raise awareness for all pupils.


Each pupil initially completes an application form - these are then collated and allocated to a suitable interviewer and distributed prior to the day.

Each participant is given an appointment slip which summarises all the details.  This slip acts as a convenient reminder and also serves as a formal request to leave their lesson.

All participants are briefed before the interview to ensure maximum benefit.

Interviews are scheduled to last 25-30mins each (depending on the timetable) and incorporate an optional verbal feedback session at the end and all interviewees receive a feedback sheet that highlights their strengths and details any areas for improvement and action-points.


Interviewing Area: This would ideally be the main school hall with tables and seats arranged in a specific manner that is indicated in a seating layout provided by us.

Briefing Area: This would ideally be classrooms or meeting room with tables, chairs and a projector and screen.  Interviewers would be briefed here after arriving, and pupils are briefed here just prior to their interview.

Lunch & refreshments... for the facilitators and teaching staff to encourage discussion on arrival and during breaks.