A self-contained event for young people that is designed to introduce the concepts that are central to maintaining a successful business....

marketing, sales, organising production, working collaboratively, keeping customers pleased,
meeting deadlines, managing chashflow, etc.


Each pupil initially completes a short questionnaire - the responses to this then sugesst which role within a small team each pupils would be suited to...

  • Engineer
  • Production Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Managing Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager

Teams of 8-10 pupils can then be agreed with the school.

On the day, after being introduced to the concept of running a business and their own roles within it, teams compete against each other to win contracts and produce products to agreed specifications.  These customers are recruited from various industries and gradually encourage the teams to take bigger risks and undertake more work so that pupils can understand their limits and the reasons for them.


Central Activity Area: This would ideally be the main school hall with a working projector and screen for everyone to see.  It would be used thoughout the activity with pupils in teams seated around work-tables.

Lunch & refreshments... for the facilitators and teaching staff to encourage discussion on arrival and during breaks.