This activity involves students planning and organising their own business. Being similar to the TV shows The Dragon's Den and The Apprentice it incorporates teamwork, marketing, planning, finances, forecasting and the final presentation or 'pitch'. It is easily differentiated to be appropriate for all levels of education.

This activity allows pupils to:

    learn the importance of....

creative thinking, forward planning, marketing and advertising,
finances, delegation of tasks, presentation skills.

    develop skills of....

time-management, leadership, teamwork, motivation & self-discipline,
teamwork, trust & responsibility, communication.

    learn about....

financial forecasting, business plans, costs & profits, product design,
organisation, planning & positivity, presentation techniques.


Pupils are allocated to teams of 5 or 6.  Teams are given the scenario of settingĀ­-up a company in one of 5 industry areas...

  • Airline
  • Coaches/Travel
  • Delivery
  • Florist
  • Shoe Retailer

...and to spend the day working through defined tasks and workshops to prepare a pitch that will be performed for judges at the end of the day.


Central Activity Area: This would ideally be the main school hall with seating arranged there-style and aworking proctor and acreen for everyone to see.  It would be used at the very beginning of the day, at various times during the morning for specialised workshops, then at the end of the day for the final presentations to the judges.

Group-working Areas: These would ideally be classrooms close to the central activity area where 4 or 5 teams of pupils can work around tables to complete the various tasks that lead them to producing a winning business plan.

Computer Area: This would ideally be the school's IT suite so that one (or two at the most) pupil(s) from each team can create the presentation slides that will be used by the rest of the team during their pitch to the judges.

Judging Area: This can simply be the nearest unused classroom to the central activity area.

Lunch & refreshments... for the facilitators and teaching staff to encourage discussion on arrival and during breaks.